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Rendermind AI

An AI storyboard generator
with soul

When AI storyboard generators hit the scene, we saw their potential. Yet, the reality? A gamble. Sending your prompt into the void and pray the output hits the mark. That kind of unpredictability isn’t our thing.

For the visionaries, the storytellers, the illustrators who’ve felt confined by AI’s unpredictability—Rendermind is your canvas. No more rolling the dice on a AI generated storyboard. With intuitive modeling tools, we’re handing the brush back to you.

Dream it. Design it. Direct it.

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AI generated art AI generated art AI generated art
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Finally an AI storyboard generator that gives you what you want

In a world awash with AI, Rendermind stands apart, offering not just automation but collaboration. Here, you’re not just an observer; you’re a director. With Rendermind, your hand guides the story—pose a 3D character, infuse a photo with new life, or blend both to perfection. Our controlnets aren’t just technology; they’re your brush and canvas, ensuring every storyboard frame captures your vision with pinpoint accuracy

Super Easy Pose-to-Image

Imagine manipulating 3D human models with the ease of moving a doll, each control point a gateway to endless possibilities. Rendermind’s physics engine bends to your creative will, translating every drag and drop into dynamic, lifelike poses. No prior 3D knowledge required. From the spark of an idea to a diverse array of rendering styles, your vision is just a pose away.

Character Consistency Across Your Frames

Unlock the full potential of narrative consistency with Rendermind’s Character Lock. This groundbreaking feature lets you generate and then lock up to two characters, ensuring they remain consistent across all storyboard frames. Unlike other tools that restrict you to a pre-set library, Rendermind places you in control, allowing the creation or selection of any character from your uploads. This ensures that every scene reflects your vision with precision, maintaining the integrity and continuity of your characters throughout your story. Here, your creative vision leads, supported by the most advanced storyboard tool on the market.

Create Unlimited Narratives

Populate your scenes with characters and props, grouping elements for effortless manipulation. Here, any scene you can envision springs to life in a variety of styles ready to tell a story as expansive as your imagination allows.

Inpainting Studio

Inpainting Studio- Your AI Artist Assistant

Rendermind’s inpainting studio is where you can tweak, refine, or entirely reinvent your visuals. From removing the unwanted to adding the unimaginable, this is where your visions are not constrained by the physical world

Storyboard Style Transfer

Your style, your vision, brought to life with a touch of AI magic. Upload your photos, pair them with a style reference, and watch as Rendermind melds them into artwork that speaks in your voice. It’s not just an image you get; it’s a piece of art that tells a story, your story.

Your Photos Reimagined

Capture a moment, then let it transform. Upload photos—of yourself, your friends, or scenes—and Rendermind redefines them in the style you choose. It’s not just about generating images; it’s about breathing new life into every picture, turning familiar faces and places into pivotal pieces of your storytelling puzzle.

Bring An Artist’s Touch to Your AI Storyboards

Even the most advanced AI sometimes misses the mark, leaving behind imperfections in hands, expressions, and unexpected artifacts. Rendermind transcends these limits. Not only can you shape your story’s visuals with AI, but you also have the option to refine them with the discerning eye of a professional artist. The result? Storyboard frames that don’t just meet your expectations—they exceed them.

Distinctive Storyboard Styles

Explore Rendermind’s unique B/W and Color storyboard styles, meticulously developed from Storyboards Online’s exclusive content. Elevate your projects with confidence, knowing your creations are erfect for print, social media, and online promotions. Unleash versatility and excellence in every frame.

Visualize with Camera Lens Precision

See your scene as the camera does. From widescreen epics to intimate fisheye shots, Rendermind allows you to preview your scenes through various lenses, ensuring your vision is perfectly captured. It’s not just about imagining the shot; it’s about seeing it, understanding it, before it even exists.

Elevate Your Art with Super Upscale

Rendermind doesn’t just upscale; it transforms. Every image is refined, with faces and hands receiving special attention to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality. Your images aren’t just enlarged; they’re enhanced, bringing clarity and life to every detail.

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