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hire the best storyboard artists

Shooting boards for production, presentation boards for pitches

Directors collaborate with
pro storyboard artists
in real time, online.

  • Real-time video collaboration
  • 20-50 B/W frames daily
  • $695 per day*
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*$695.00 is our day rate for shooting boards. Prices for presentation boards vary.

Check out or fixed rate pricing

Trusted for over 25 years

We’ve helped the worlds best directors from production companies to creatives
from the largest entertainment brands, visualize their
stories for pitching or production.

Steven Spielberg McG Alan Huges David Kellogg Kinka Usher Leslie & Paul Dektor
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Our process

Our platform is the most innovative and simplest way to get shooting
boards and key visuals from a team of seasoned artists

storyboards collaborate with layout artist 1 Collaborate with layout artist
A senior layout artist collaborates
with you sharing his screen on Skype,
sketching out all the frames you
need in the roughest form. You can
either get these cleaned up or go
to step 3
storyboards frames are transformed 2 Frames are transformed
The rough sketches are given
to a team of clean- up artists
to fill in the details and transform
to your selected style.
storyboards review and download 3 Review and download
Download your illustration

Shooting board styles

Our clean-up artists transform the layout artists rough sketches into these
popular B/W shooting board styles. Want a different style?
Send us an example we can draw anything.

Let’s take your script and draw a
compelling shooting board

Let's get started

Presentation illustrations

Our artists will transform your rough sketches into key visuals for pitches and
presentations.. Need animation? We can do that as well.

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Our fixed pricing packages

For shooting boards and key visuals

  • popular
  • Shooting board
  • Per 8 hour day
  • $695
  • Let's get started
  • Script consultation
  • Skype collaboration
  • 16:9 ratio B/W sketch
  • 20-50 B/W frames
  • call us954 462 4000
  • One page layout
  • per Tight color illustration
  • $475
  • Let's get started
  • Script consultation
  • Skype collaboration
  • 8”x11” rendering
  • call us954 462 4000

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