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Storyboard Example

42 Best Storyboard Examples
From Ad Industry
in May 2022

Storyboards are not only used in the motion picture and television industry but also heavily used in advertising industry. Art Directors and Creative directors use storyboards to either pitch campaign ideas to win new accounts or present ideas to existing clients. Once an idea is approved the storyboard may be animated as a boardomatic or animatic and used for market research, or may go straight into production. After reviewing the ad agency storyboard, a director then may produce his own storyboards to show the ad agency how they will shoot the storyboard. Storyboards are an essential tool to not only sell ideas but used as roadmap throughout the entire production process.

We have the categorized the following storyboard examples into a list of the most popular illustrated styles used by advertising professions in the industry today- June 2022.

World-class storyboard artists. At your service.

Power your presentation and work with our industry leading storyboard artists. Whether you want tightly rendered boards, loose sketches, realistic photo comps, animatics or anything in between—we craft styles that turn your ideas into reality- effortlessly.

Tightly Rendered Storyboards


1. I Got it from My Mama

I Got it from my Mama Storyboard example1 I Got it from my Mama Storyboard example2 I Got it from my Mama Storyboard example3 I Got it from my Mama Storyboard example4 I Got it from my Mama Storyboard example5 I Got it from my Mama Storyboard example6 I Got it from my Mama Storyboard example7 I Got it from my Mama Storyboard example8 I Got it from my Mama Storyboard example9 I Got it from my Mama Storyboard example10 I Got it from my Mama Storyboard example11 I Got it from my Mama Storyboard example12 I Got it from my Mama Storyboard example13 I Got it from my Mama Storyboard example14

In these storyboard frames a young woman reflects on the wonderful traits she's inherited from her mother. One of those traits however, (her radiant skin), she attributes to her Nivea skin care regimen, giving her brighter more beautiful radiant skin.


2. Tresemme Blogger

Tresemme Blogger Storyboard example1 Tresemme Blogger Storyboard example2 Tresemme Blogger Storyboard example3 Tresemme Blogger Storyboard example4 Tresemme Blogger Storyboard example5 Tresemme Blogger Storyboard example6 Tresemme Blogger Storyboard example7 Tresemme Blogger Storyboard example8 Tresemme Blogger Storyboard example9 Tresemme Blogger Storyboard example10 Tresemme Blogger Storyboard example11

In this storyboard the creative team wanted to depict the day to day activities of a young fashion blogger as she experiments with diffent hairstyles.This constant experimenting typically leads to damaged hair, but luckily she uses Tresemme.


3. Peroni Canal Side

Peroni Canal Side Storyboard example1 Peroni Canal Side Storyboard example2 Peroni Canal Side Storyboard example3 Peroni Canal Side Storyboard example4 Peroni Canal Side Storyboard example5 Peroni Canal Side Storyboard example6 Peroni Canal Side Storyboard example7 Peroni Canal Side Storyboard example8 Peroni Canal Side Storyboard example9 Peroni Canal Side Storyboard example10 Peroni Canal Side Storyboard example11 Peroni Canal Side Storyboard example12 Peroni Canal Side Storyboard example13

This simple storyline the illustrator shows a group of friends cruising down a channel. A young woman from the group decides to go on a playful excursion in search of refreshing breverages to share with her friends.


4. Shell Arrival

Shell Arrival Storyboard example1 Shell Arrival Storyboard example2 Shell Arrival Storyboard example3 Shell Arrival Storyboard example4 Shell Arrival Storyboard example5 Shell Arrival Storyboard example6 Shell Arrival Storyboard example7 Shell Arrival Storyboard example8 Shell Arrival Storyboard example9 Shell Arrival Storyboard example10 Shell Arrival Storyboard example11 Shell Arrival Storyboard example12 Shell Arrival Storyboard example13 Shell Arrival Storyboard example14 Shell Arrival Storyboard example15

The creative team came up with clever and innovative way to announce the launch of Shells Revolutionary V-Power Nitro + Premium Gasoline. It has all the elements of a blockbuster trailer with a suspenceful build up of biblical proportions.


5. Forever Mark

Forever Mark Storyboard example1 Forever Mark Storyboard example2 Forever Mark Storyboard example3 Forever Mark Storyboard example4 Forever Mark Storyboard example5 Forever Mark Storyboard example6 Forever Mark Storyboard example7 Forever Mark Storyboard example8 Forever Mark Storyboard example9 Forever Mark Storyboard example10 Forever Mark Storyboard example11 Forever Mark Storyboard example12 Forever Mark Storyboard example13 Forever Mark Storyboard example14 Forever Mark Storyboard example15 Forever Mark Storyboard example16 Forever Mark Storyboard example17

This frames aims to showcase how the right piece of jewelry can eccentuate the beauty of any woman while transforming not only their self image but how the world sees them.


6. J20 Pool Party

J20 Pool Party Storyboard example1 J20 Pool Party Storyboard example2 J20 Pool Party Storyboard example3 J20 Pool Party Storyboard example4 J20 Pool Party Storyboard example5 J20 Pool Party Storyboard example6 J20 Pool Party Storyboard example7 J20 Pool Party Storyboard example8 J20 Pool Party Storyboard example9 J20 Pool Party Storyboard example10 J20 Pool Party Storyboard example11 J20 Pool Party Storyboard example12

Did someone say inflatable pool party?! This storyboard frame we did for J20 is one of the most interesting projects we’ve done. In this storyboard series, you will see different inflatable characters enjoying themselves with a bottle of refreshing drink.


7. Carlsberg Lake

Carlsberg Lake Storyboard example1 Carlsberg Lake Storyboard example2 Carlsberg Lake Storyboard example3 Carlsberg Lake Storyboard example4 Carlsberg Lake Storyboard example5 Carlsberg Lake Storyboard example6 Carlsberg Lake Storyboard example7 Carlsberg Lake Storyboard example8 Carlsberg Lake Storyboard example9 Carlsberg Lake Storyboard example10 Carlsberg Lake Storyboard example11 Carlsberg Lake Storyboard example12

A fascinating cinematic presentation of a storyboard that features none other than Mads Mikkelsen rowing on an atmospheric lake on a chilly night for a glass of Carlsberg. This riveting production will make you want to sit at the edge of your seat waiting for what’s next. Amount of frames required to tell the story Voice-over and music requirements.


8. Robinsons Endless Straw

Robinsons Endless Straw Storyboard example1 Robinsons Endless Straw Storyboard example2 Robinsons Endless Straw Storyboard example3 Robinsons Endless Straw Storyboard example4 Robinsons Endless Straw Storyboard example5 Robinsons Endless Straw Storyboard example6 Robinsons Endless Straw Storyboard example7 Robinsons Endless Straw Storyboard example8 Robinsons Endless Straw Storyboard example9 Robinsons Endless Straw Storyboard example10 Robinsons Endless Straw Storyboard example11

This storyboard takes you on a cinematic adventure with a simple sip of juice. It features different location shots of where the straw travels and how the juice is made with all-natural flavors from fruits.


9. Tresemme Eden

Tresemme Eden Storyboard example1 Tresemme Eden Storyboard example2 Tresemme Eden Storyboard example3 Tresemme Eden Storyboard example4 Tresemme Eden Storyboard example5 Tresemme Eden Storyboard example6 Tresemme Eden Storyboard example7 Tresemme Eden Storyboard example8 Tresemme Eden Storyboard example9 Tresemme Eden Storyboard example10 Tresemme Eden Storyboard example11

It’s not easy being beautiful. This storyboard follows a snapshot of Jacqueline Fernandes life and how her hair takes a beating from natural elements, sweat, and products themselves. Solution? Tresemme hair care that is healthy and restorative.


10. Ruffino Pass Dance Prosecco

Ruffino Pass Dance Prosecco Storyboard example1 Ruffino Pass Dance Prosecco Storyboard example2 Ruffino Pass Dance Prosecco Storyboard example3 Ruffino Pass Dance Prosecco Storyboard example4 Ruffino Pass Dance Prosecco Storyboard example5 Ruffino Pass Dance Prosecco Storyboard example6 Ruffino Pass Dance Prosecco Storyboard example7 Ruffino Pass Dance Prosecco Storyboard example8 Ruffino Pass Dance Prosecco Storyboard example9

Every host's nightmare is the possibility of running out of booze. Even more so, when you run out of Ruffino. This storyboard portrays a playful but sometimes realistic scenario of party guests enjoying their favorite Prosecco.


11. LH Laundry- Clothes Monster

LH Laundry- Clothes Monster Storyboard example1 LH Laundry- Clothes Monster Storyboard example2 LH Laundry- Clothes Monster Storyboard example3 LH Laundry- Clothes Monster Storyboard example4 LH Laundry- Clothes Monster Storyboard example5 LH Laundry- Clothes Monster Storyboard example6 LH Laundry- Clothes Monster Storyboard example7 LH Laundry- Clothes Monster Storyboard example8 LH Laundry- Clothes Monster Storyboard example9 LH Laundry- Clothes Monster Storyboard example10

This series of storyboard frames feature monsters and heroes. Dirty laundry is depicted as a series of monsters in that come to life and cause havoc in a young boy’s room when suddenly his mom (like all moms) comes in to save the day with her super cleaning powers thanks to Lysoform laundry detergent.


12. Aldi June Chess

Aldi June Chess Storyboard example1 Aldi June Chess Storyboard example2 Aldi June Chess Storyboard example3 Aldi June Chess Storyboard example4 Aldi June Chess Storyboard example5 Aldi June Chess Storyboard example6 Aldi June Chess Storyboard example7 Aldi June Chess Storyboard example8 Aldi June Chess Storyboard example9

Double-check your mate. In these storyboard frames we see how a slight misread of the dating profile leads to an unassuming bachelor accidentally purchasing an obscene amount of cheese for his first date. Good thing Aldi carries enough of a variety of cheeses to save the date.


13. LOL Endless Possibilities

LOL Endless Possibilities Storyboard example1 LOL Endless Possibilities Storyboard example2 LOL Endless Possibilities Storyboard example3 LOL Endless Possibilities Storyboard example4 LOL Endless Possibilities Storyboard example5 LOL Endless Possibilities Storyboard example6 LOL Endless Possibilities Storyboard example7 LOL Endless Possibilities Storyboard example8 LOL Endless Possibilities Storyboard example9 LOL Endless Possibilities Storyboard example10 LOL Endless Possibilities Storyboard example11

Every gamer dreams of a day they can live our their game avatar. But it doesn’t always pan out how you’d expect. In this storyboard we see a group of gamers inhabit the world of League of Legends as they find the right weapon to take on their enemies. After a few failed attempts, they manage to find just the right arsenal mix.


14. Pine Sol Solderina

Pine Sol Solderina1 Pine Sol Solderina2 Pine Sol Solderina3 Pine Sol Solderina4

In this storyboards the creative team wanted to use soldiers and ballerinas to present the toughness yet gentleness of pine sol product on all surfaces and of course the lemony scent that just makes your room smell amazing.


15. Coleman's Breakup

Coleman's Breakup Storyboard example1 Coleman's Breakup Storyboard example2 Coleman's Breakup Storyboard example3 Coleman's Breakup Storyboard example4 Coleman's Breakup Storyboard example5 Coleman's Breakup Storyboard example6 Coleman's Breakup Storyboard example7 Coleman's Breakup Storyboard example8 Coleman's Breakup Storyboard example9 Coleman's Breakup Storyboard example10 Coleman's Breakup Storyboard example11 Coleman's Breakup Storyboard example12 Coleman's Breakup Storyboard example13

This cinematic storyboard tells us the story of a bond between a father and his daughter. Showing just how comforting a home-cooked meal be with Colman’s shepherd's pie.


16. Visionworks Air Qoutes

Visionworks Air Qoutes Storyboard example1 Visionworks Air Qoutes Storyboard example2 Visionworks Air Qoutes Storyboard example3 Visionworks Air Qoutes Storyboard example4 Visionworks Air Qoutes Storyboard example5 Visionworks Air Qoutes Storyboard example6 Visionworks Air Qoutes Storyboard example7 Visionworks Air Qoutes Storyboard example8 Visionworks Air Qoutes Storyboard example9 Visionworks Air Qoutes Storyboard example10

If you thought the eyeglass industry was run by a handful of monopolistic executives you were right. In this storyboard, we see how Visionworks separates itself from the pack with practical pricing and service that just makes sense.


17. Hornitos Tattoo

Hornitos Tattoo Storyboard example1 Hornitos Tattoo Storyboard example2 Hornitos Tattoo Storyboard example3 Hornitos Tattoo Storyboard example4 Hornitos Tattoo Storyboard example5 Hornitos Tattoo Storyboard example6 Hornitos Tattoo Storyboard example7

Picking the right tequila can make the difference between a nice time with friends and getting regretful tattoos while on a trip to nowhere with a bus full of senior citizens. Hornitos tequila is the right choice, every time.


18. Coke Subway Animatic

Coke Subway Animatic Storyboard example1 Coke Subway Animatic Storyboard example2 Coke Subway Animatic Storyboard example3 Coke Subway Animatic Storyboard example4 Coke Subway Animatic Storyboard example5 Coke Subway Animatic Storyboard example6 Coke Subway Animatic Storyboard example7 Coke Subway Animatic Storyboard example8 Coke Subway Animatic Storyboard example9 Coke Subway Animatic Storyboard example10 Coke Subway Animatic Storyboard example11 Coke Subway Animatic Storyboard example12 Coke Subway Animatic Storyboard example13

In this playful storyboard for Coke, we see how one man does his best to help put a smile on a young woman’s face while quenching her thirst with a bottle of coke.


19. Glad Dogs Favorite Toy

Glad Dogs Favorite Toy Storyboard example1 Glad Dogs Favorite Toy Storyboard example2 Glad Dogs Favorite Toy Storyboard example3 Glad Dogs Favorite Toy Storyboard example4 Glad Dogs Favorite Toy Storyboard example5 Glad Dogs Favorite Toy Storyboard example6 Glad Dogs Favorite Toy Storyboard example7 Glad Dogs Favorite Toy Storyboard example8

In this storyboards, you will see that no matter how many toys you buy your pet, they always seem to want to play with the most mundane objects. That can mean bad news for you if their favorite toy happens to be your kitchen garbage bag. Good thing Glad bags are up for the task.


20. Motrin

Motrin Storyboard example1 Motrin Storyboard example2 Motrin Storyboard example3 Motrin Storyboard example4 Motrin Storyboard example5 Motrin Storyboard example6

Every woman is thinking it - we are just saying it. In this storyboard, we depict the various ways women would describe the pain and discomfort they feel on a monthly basis. It’s funny, clever and from what we hear, incredibly accurate.


21. Purina Las Reglas

Purina Las Reglas Storyboard example1 Purina Las Reglas Storyboard example2 Purina Las Reglas Storyboard example3 Purina Las Reglas Storyboard example4 Purina Las Reglas Storyboard example5 Purina Las Reglas Storyboard example6 Purina Las Reglas Storyboard example7

Every dog has his day, and his own dog food apparently. This storyboard shows just how important it is to make sure you give your dog the proper amount of nutrients for their specific breed. Take care of those fur babies.


22. Sunsilk Strong and Long

Sunsilk Strong and Long Storyboard example1 Sunsilk Strong and Long Storyboard example2 Sunsilk Strong and Long Storyboard example3 Sunsilk Strong and Long Storyboard example4 Sunsilk Strong and Long Storyboard example5 Sunsilk Strong and Long Storyboard example6 Sunsilk Strong and Long Storyboard example7 Sunsilk Strong and Long Storyboard example8 Sunsilk Strong and Long Storyboard example9 Sunsilk Strong and Long Storyboard example10

Friends that dance together stay together. Unfortunately, along with all those dance rehearsals comes sweaty, damaged hair in desperate need of TLC. In these scenes, you will see how Sunsilk saves the day but these friends steal the show as they perform with confidence knowing they look and feel their best.


23. Sunsilk Skyfall

Sunsilk Skyfall Storyboard example1 Sunsilk Skyfall Storyboard example2 Sunsilk Skyfall Storyboard example3 Sunsilk Skyfall Storyboard example4 Sunsilk Skyfall Storyboard example5 Sunsilk Skyfall Storyboard example6 Sunsilk Skyfall Storyboard example7 Sunsilk Skyfall Storyboard example8 Sunsilk Skyfall Storyboard example9 Sunsilk Skyfall Storyboard example10 Sunsilk Skyfall Storyboard example11 Sunsilk Skyfall Storyboard example12

No matter the career path you choose, you never have to compromise lucious and healthy hair. This storyboard presentation follows the careers of three vastly different women in a variety of careers with one thing in common - their priority in looking good and feeling confident in the process.


24. Trident Stimorol

Trident Stimorol Storyboard example1 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example2 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example3 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example4 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example5 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example6 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example7 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example8 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example9 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example10 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example11 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example12 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example13 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example14 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example15 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example16 Trident Stimorol Storyboard example17

When you're running low on battery or bandwidth Trident gum will help keep you in the game with delicious flavor. In this spot the creative team put together a day in the life of your average teen forced to find the fun in life when their technology fails them.

World-class storyboard artists. At your service.

Power your presentation and work with our industry leading storyboard artists. Whether you want tightly rendered boards, loose sketches, realistic photo comps, animatics or anything in between—we craft styles that turn your ideas into reality- effortlessly.

Loose Pencil Storyboards


25. Endless Adventure

Endless Adventure Storyboard example1 Endless Adventure Storyboard example2 Endless Adventure Storyboard example3 Endless Adventure Storyboard example4

In this storyboards we see how a typical boring night at home can quickly transform into a memorable night out with friends old and new. You are one swipe away from an epic night.

World-class storyboard artists. At your service.

Power your presentation and work with our industry leading storyboard artists. Whether you want tightly rendered boards, loose sketches, realistic photo comps, animatics or anything in between—we craft styles that turn your ideas into reality- effortlessly.

Loose Color Storyboards


26. CIF Sleeping Beauty

CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example1 CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example2 CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example3 CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example4 CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example5 CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example6 CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example7 CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example8 CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example9 CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example10 CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example11 CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example12 CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example13 CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example14 CIF Sleeping Beauty Storyboard example15

True love can only be experienced with a clean home. This storyboard shows us all the work that goes into making sure a princess gets he happy ending. Thanks to CIF cleaning products, our princess has the cleaning power to prepare her tower in time for her prince to arrive.


27. Viagra Cobalt Dance

Viagra Cobalt Dance Storyboard example1 Viagra Cobalt Dance Storyboard example2 Viagra Cobalt Dance Storyboard example3 Viagra Cobalt Dance Storyboard example4 Viagra Cobalt Dance Storyboard example5 Viagra Cobalt Dance Storyboard example6 Viagra Cobalt Dance Storyboard example7 Viagra Cobalt Dance Storyboard example8 Viagra Cobalt Dance Storyboard example9

Wake up with confidence. This storyboard shows how men can get their self-esteem back when it comes to dealing with erectile dysfunction. It can be incredibly debilitating emotionally, so when the man in this spot is able to overcome it, every day is brighter.

World-class storyboard artists. At your service.

Power your presentation and work with our industry leading storyboard artists. Whether you want tightly rendered boards, loose sketches, realistic photo comps, animatics or anything in between—we craft styles that turn your ideas into reality- effortlessly.



28. Martell XO

Martell XO Storyboard example1 Martell XO Storyboard example2 Martell XO Storyboard example3 Martell XO Storyboard example4 Martell XO Storyboard example5 Martell XO Storyboard example6 Martell XO Storyboard example7 Martell XO Storyboard example8 Martell XO Storyboard example9 Martell XO Storyboard example10 Martell XO Storyboard example11 Martell XO Storyboard example12 Martell XO Storyboard example13 Martell XO Storyboard example14 Martell XO Storyboard example15 Martell XO Storyboard example16

In This fast paced storyboard we see how Martell Cognac is perfect for every celebration.Whether you're winding down fro a succesful work week, celebrating a landmark sale, promoting your latest record release. Martell is the preferred choice for celebrations.


29. Peroni Vita Al Mare

Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example1 Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example2 Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example3 Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example4 Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example5 Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example6 Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example7 Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example8 Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example9 Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example10 Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example11 Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example12 Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example13 Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example14 Peroni Vita Al Mare Storyboard example15

In these frames we show you the journey of a young woman seeking a chance to escape the limelight for just a few memorable moments of real life. She sneaks off to have an exciting little adventure of her own with locals and beautiful memories are created.


30. Fresh Step Don't Tell Mom

Fresh Step Don't Tell Mom Storyboard example1 Fresh Step Don't Tell Mom Storyboard example2 Fresh Step Don't Tell Mom Storyboard example3 Fresh Step Don't Tell Mom Storyboard example4 Fresh Step Don't Tell Mom Storyboard example5 Fresh Step Don't Tell Mom Storyboard example6 Fresh Step Don't Tell Mom Storyboard example7 Fresh Step Don't Tell Mom Storyboard example8 Fresh Step Don't Tell Mom Storyboard example9

Have you ever kept a secret from your mom? This hilarious presentation of kids keeping secrets from mom is not uncommon. The storyboard artist and creative director wanted to showcase that in these frames.


31. Herradura

Herradura Storyboard example1 Herradura Storyboard example2 Herradura Storyboard example3 Herradura Storyboard example4 Herradura Storyboard example5 Herradura Storyboard example6 Herradura Storyboard example7

Award-winning Tequila deserves this level of attention and prestige. This storyboard highlights each and every detailed accent of the Herradura tequila bottle signifying just how much attention and quality goes into the tequila itself.


32. Jim Beam How you see it

Jim Beam How you see it1 Jim Beam How you see it2 Jim Beam How you see it3 Jim Beam How you see it4 Jim Beam How you see it5 Jim Beam How you see it6 Jim Beam How you see it7 Jim Beam How you see it8 Jim Beam How you see it9 Jim Beam How you see it10 Jim Beam How you see it11 Jim Beam How you see it12 Jim Beam How you see it13 Jim Beam How you see it14

No one wants to look like an amateur when they approach the bar. In this storyboard presentation, Mila Kunis guest stars as the voice of reason and wisdom for a couple that is overwhelmed with a wide variety of bourbon options. Thankfully Jim Beam makes the choice easy with a history of brewing quality bourbon since 1795.

World-class storyboard artists. At your service.

Power your presentation and work with our industry leading storyboard artists. Whether you want tightly rendered boards, loose sketches, realistic photo comps, animatics or anything in between—we craft styles that turn your ideas into reality- effortlessly.

CGI Storyboards


33. Lor Expresso

Lor Expresso Storyboard example1 Lor Expresso Storyboard example2 Lor Expresso Storyboard example3 Lor Expresso Storyboard example4 Lor Expresso Storyboard example5 Lor Expresso Storyboard example6 Lor Expresso Storyboard example7 Lor Expresso Storyboard example8 Lor Expresso Storyboard example9 Lor Expresso Storyboard example10 Lor Expresso Storyboard example11

The storyboard for each scene perfectly creates a dramatic presentation of Lor coffee being poured into a cup which calls the attention of a beautiful young lady from afar. The end frames shows our model taking a satisfying sip from the Lor cup.


34. Schwarts Flavor Shots

Schwarts Flavor Shots Storyboard example1 Schwarts Flavor Shots Storyboard example2 Schwarts Flavor Shots Storyboard example3 Schwarts Flavor Shots Storyboard example4 Schwarts Flavor Shots Storyboard example5 Schwarts Flavor Shots Storyboard example6 Schwarts Flavor Shots Storyboard example7 Schwarts Flavor Shots Storyboard example8 Schwarts Flavor Shots Storyboard example9 Schwarts Flavor Shots Storyboard example10 Schwarts Flavor Shots Storyboard example11

How to ensure your dishes explode with flavor. These frames depict the beautiful medley of flavors in Schwarts Spice Flavor Shots. The colors and explosive choreography in this story highlight the quality spices and richness of flavor your mouth will experience.


35. Tui

Tui Storyboard example1 Tui Storyboard example2 Tui Storyboard example3 Tui Storyboard example4 Tui Storyboard example5 Tui Storyboard example6 Tui Storyboard example7 Tui Storyboard example8 Tui Storyboard example9 Tui Storyboard example10 Tui Storyboard example11

If you are into dancing this is probably the best storyboard for you. The creative director together with the team of artists took careful steps in making sure that each movement was precise and coordinated. With the help of motion capture and professional dancers we were able to bring a dramatic broadway feel to this production.


36. Joy Fills

Joy Fills Storyboard example1 Joy Fills Storyboard example2 Joy Fills Storyboard example3 Joy Fills Storyboard example4 Joy Fills Storyboard example5 Joy Fills Storyboard example6 Joy Fills Storyboard example7 Joy Fills Storyboard example8 Joy Fills Storyboard example9 Joy Fills Storyboard example10 Joy Fills Storyboard example11 Joy Fills Storyboard example12 Joy Fills Storyboard example13

Just when you think chocolate snacks couldn’t get any more delicious. This storyboard for Joy fills is a wonderful collage of little bite-sized snacks.


37. Stella Cidre

Stella Cidre Storyboard example1 Stella Cidre Storyboard example2 Stella Cidre Storyboard example3 Stella Cidre Storyboard example4 Stella Cidre Storyboard example5 Stella Cidre Storyboard example6 Stella Cidre Storyboard example7 Stella Cidre Storyboard example8 Stella Cidre Storyboard example9 Stella Cidre Storyboard example10 Stella Cidre Storyboard example11 Stella Cidre Storyboard example12 Stella Cidre Storyboard example13 Stella Cidre Storyboard example14 Stella Cidre Storyboard example15 Stella Cidre Storyboard example16 Stella Cidre Storyboard example17

Living a “simple” life is relative to everyone. This storyboard highlights the attention, care, and quality infused in every bottle of Stella Cidre. Every scene is filled with scenes of wealth, prosperity, an absurd degree of opulence.


38. Stella Poolside

Stella Poolside Storyboard example1 Stella Poolside Storyboard example2 Stella Poolside Storyboard example3 Stella Poolside Storyboard example4 Stella Poolside Storyboard example5 Stella Poolside Storyboard example6 Stella Poolside Storyboard example7

Timing is everything. This project for Stella tells the story of an infatuated bartender who does his best to impress a patron with the quality of his service by ensuring she has a freshly poured glass of Stella Artois. But when he runs out of glasses, he misses her cue and sparks fly.


39. Tassimo

Tassimo Storyboard example1 Tassimo Storyboard example2 Tassimo Storyboard example3 Tassimo Storyboard example4 Tassimo Storyboard example5 Tassimo Storyboard example6 Tassimo Storyboard example7 Tassimo Storyboard example8 Tassimo Storyboard example9 Tassimo Storyboard example10 Tassimo Storyboard example11 Tassimo Storyboard example12 Tassimo Storyboard example13

A coffee machine that packs a caffeinated punch when it comes to its versatility. This storyboard required clever use of space and creative architectural design to show how the Tassimo coffee machine is great for gatherings of any size.


40. Baileys Deliciously Light

Baileys Deliciously Light Storyboard example1 Baileys Deliciously Light Storyboard example2 Baileys Deliciously Light Storyboard example3 Baileys Deliciously Light Storyboard example4 Baileys Deliciously Light Storyboard example5 Baileys Deliciously Light Storyboard example6 Baileys Deliciously Light Storyboard example7 Baileys Deliciously Light Storyboard example8 Baileys Deliciously Light Storyboard example9 Baileys Deliciously Light Storyboard example10 Baileys Deliciously Light Storyboard example11

In these storyboard frames the creatives wanted to present how you can have a guilt free evening with friends and not have to sacrifice your health with unwanted calories and sugars. Just pour yourself a drink, put the guilt aside and enjoy your time with friends.


41. Becel Symphony

Becel Symphony Storyboard example1 Becel Symphony Storyboard example2 Becel Symphony Storyboard example3 Becel Symphony Storyboard example4 Becel Symphony Storyboard example5 Becel Symphony Storyboard example6 Becel Symphony Storyboard example7 Becel Symphony Storyboard example8 Becel Symphony Storyboard example9 Becel Symphony Storyboard example10 Becel Symphony Storyboard example11 Becel Symphony Storyboard example12 Becel Symphony Storyboard example13

A symphony of plant-based goodness comes together in this cinematic storyboard presentation for Becel. The story emphasizes the harmony between all of the natural sources that come together to create Becel plant-based margarine.

World-class storyboard artists. At your service.

Power your presentation and work with our industry leading storyboard artists. Whether you want tightly rendered boards, loose sketches, realistic photo comps, animatics or anything in between—we craft styles that turn your ideas into reality- effortlessly.

Shooting Boards


42. Hyundai Storyboards

Hyundai Storyboard example1 Hyundai Storyboard example2 Hyundai Storyboard example3 Hyundai Storyboard example4 Hyundai Storyboard example5 Hyundai Storyboard example6 Hyundai Storyboard example7 Hyundai Storyboard example8 Hyundai Storyboard example9 Hyundai Storyboard example10 Hyundai Storyboard example11 Hyundai Storyboard example12 Hyundai Storyboard example13 Hyundai Storyboard example14 Hyundai Storyboard example15 Hyundai Storyboard example16

The creative vision for this cinematic board was to highlight the versatility of the new Hyundai Palisades. Built for the busiest families - we follow a day in the life of two parents tag teaming their children's activities with help from their reliable Hyundai.