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Amplify your content
and turn it into
a web comic

  • Interactive
  • Animation
  • Sound design
  • Infinite canvas
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Inspire your audiences with
Immersive storytelling

Work with world-class creative talent to design and build a captivating web comic. From animations to
interactive elements we make HTML5 web comics compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
No app required. We make it fast, easy and affordable.

360 interactive comics INTERACTIVE

Watch the characters and objects
move accordingly to your scroll position.
A customized reading or listening
experience using modern
web technologies.

360 animation comics ANIMATION

Your reader controls animations and
parallax effects with their hand or cursor.

360 sound design comics SOUND DESIGN

Superb artwork and a background score
combine to immerse you in a dynamic
storytelling experience.

web comics example zombies eat republicans

Zombies Eat Republicans

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web comics example super league of creativity

Super League of Creativity

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expand your audience video

Expand your audience

Web apps allow producers and creatives to instantly give viewers access
to their content in any browser window on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.
No app download required.

  • Easier to update and maintain by the developer
  • No App store approval
  • Pages can be displayed and ranked using SEO
  • Fast and affordable development
Work with world-class writers and designers to create a
webcomic that engages and expands your audience
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