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Continuing with our "Meet the Artist" series, next up is one of our fabulous pencillers, Jonathan. Here's what he had to say...

Which piece of work are you most proud of and why?
My thesis, I finished it just when I thought I wouldn't be able to.

What or who influences you?
As an artist... people like Clayton Crain, Marko Djurdjevic, and Luke Mancini.

What cartoon or comic book character are you most like and why?
Never thought about this 'till now... guess I'd have to say Bugs Bunny, because he's a looney...

Summer or winter?


What's your favourite quote?
"You are not an accident, God doesn't play dice..."

Five things you love in life.
Life, Family, Food, Experience & Toys.

What do you love most about your job?
I get to do my favorite thing... which is drawing.


Sum up a perfect weekend.
Spending time with my family, counterstrike/dota2 with friends, 8 rounds of modern magic card game and a movie marathon...

5 things you love in life?
(1) god... (2) my wife... (3) my family... (4) my dogs... (5) and my friends...


What is your favourite line from a film?
"Attitude reflects leadership, Captain..." from the movie - Remember The Titans.

If you could choose your age forever, what age would you choose and why?
23... that age when you're so full of dreams, setting up goals, lining things up... with no hesitation what so ever.


If you could invite four famous people to dinner, who would you choose?
(1) Robin Williams (2) Leonardo Da Vinci (3) Gandhi (4) Elvis

What would you do in life if you knew you could not fail?
Rescue all street dogs and set up a dog sanctuary some place...

Thanks Jonathan! Stay tuned for more interviews with our artists.